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Dany Reede is a visual artist from Winnipeg, Canada. His drawing, mostly autobiographical, is heavily influenced by street art, stick and poke tattoos. His work, based on his self-perception, contains an undercurrent of deprecation and melancholy:

I have never felt comfortable within the realms of the “conceptual insider art world.” Using art as a method to achieve some sort of social status through intellect is something I can’t grasp, and prefer to use it as a therapeutic device to cope with my - often debilitating - social anxiety and depression. My work exemplifies the struggle between my mind’s habitual cravings for a place, while my body is stuck in another. Through reoccurring imagery and text, I am able to create honest, specific, and autobiographical work about the different routines that help me confront this disconnect.

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"[Food] is one of my persistent obsessions that had its source in my childhood. I was a child who did not want to eat. My parents were desperate. They would pour fish oil, fortified wine and various other liquids into me to enhance the taste of food, and they would send me to ‘fattening’ camps and other such places. I ended up so weakened and bony that I could not stand and my mum had to push me in a wheelchair. I was not even accepted in school. Besides, a chewing mouth is quite a fitting symbol of this aggressive, all-devouring civilization." [x]

"Food is perhaps the most apt symbol of our civilization because in its insatiable aggression, our civilization consumes everything around us: nature, animals, whole ethnic groups, cultures… everything gets digested in its utilitarian maw only to be excreted as money—the excrement of our times. Just like a small child our civilization considers its excrements to be the most valuable product it managed to squeeze out, and uses it to reward its favorites." [x]

Jan Švankmajer on the recurrent theme of food in his films.